Networking asset management
Brick is a company that facilitates business meetings between people, companies, and institutions, creating the very best conditions for business possibilities among them.
We use our current vast global network to identify synergies, anticipate opportunities, and create the ideal business atmosphere, being able to operate in any sector, anywhere.
Caring about compliance, legality, and reliability, we make sure all processes develop from a simple first contact or meeting, to due diligence and deal closing while taking into account the best interests of all parties.

Brick was founded by people from different business areas and countries but with common interests and thoughts. It allows you to use your global network assets today added to ours in a smart, active, and prosperous way, creating a fruitful and growing chain of interpersonal and business relationships. We facilitate contacts and processes by identifying opportunities, filtering interests, and engaging in negotiations until they develop organically.

We combine the qualifications and expertise of partners, conducting active trading activities in the Brics countries.
Mergers & Acquisitions - M&As
One of Brick's objectives is to be able to identify companies that have the potential for significant profit improvement through a merger or acquisition.

Our experience have taught us that companies are successful in large part due to the quality of their management. Consequently, we participate as active advisors and directors, and work with management to establish realistic strategic and operational objectives.

On the other end of the line we make use of our large network of partners to bring investors aboard. These investors may be large and small funds or even individual entrepreneurs that see in these companies the matching criteria they are looking for.

It's up to Brick to identify synergy and lead the process.
Trading activities require trust, compliance and track record.

At Brick we prime for the legitimacy of our contacts, documentation and contracts to guarantee best results and deal success cases. Since step one in any negotiation we make sure all process is transparent, fast and reliable.
Gold and precious Stones
Brick has exclusive intermediation contracts for Switzerland, China and Brazil of diverse mining commodities as gold and precious stones.
Gold and precious Stones
Brick has exclusive intermediation contracts for Switzerland, China and Brazil of diverse mining commodities as gold and precious stones.
Vaccines and medical supplies
We supply & deliver vaccines and medical equipment to the countries of Latin America. We are Authorized selling chain agents for Sputinik V vaccine.
We trade products as grains and animal protein commodities, among others, from and to several countries.
We trade products as grains and animal protein commodities, among others, from and to several countries.
Other Services
Our team of professional consultants will support you and your business in the following areas:
By taking the time to understand your business and the issues and challenges you are facing, our Advisory teams use local and global knowledge to help you challenge conventions and introduce and deliver strategies that work specifically for you. No matter what business stage you are at, our focus on value is what will help you succeed throughout the deal lifecycle.

How can we help:
  • Accelerate digital and technology impact
  • Create unique customer experiences
  • Navigate risk and regulatory complexity
  • Secure assets
  • Strengthen trust and transparency
  • Unlock data possibilities
  • Align costs with the business strategy
  • Grow and create a competitive advantage
  • Optimize deals
  • Stimulate innovation
  • Transform human capital
We help businesses handle with complexity and risk by empowering them to make informed business decisions, while meeting their tax and other responsibilities. delivering deep tax technical expertise, while providing the critical context to help you make informed and compliant decisions that drive your operations forward. At your side globally and locally, we design best-in-class integrated tax and legal strategies that empower you to move from complexity to execution.

How can we help:
  • International tax services
  • Indirect taxe
  • Tax policy and administration
  • Tax code of conduct
  • Tax controversy and dispute resolution
  • Tax reporting and strategy
We will find for you the most optimal way in financial cases.

How can we help:

  • We will help to attract funding for a project in the BRICKS countries.
  • Analyze the possibilities of your company in new markets
  • Find a project for successful investments in the Brix countries
  • Help increase capital in the stock markets
  • We will conduct an audit, assessment and financial modeling (financial diagnostics - how does the company work?)
Our team of consultants will consider your goals and objectives, and offer the most optimal way to achieve them in IT. The team is focused on results, and will consider:

How can we help:
  • Development of an IT strategy, company architecture or a separate project
  • IT audit
  • Organization of IT processes
  • Selection of IT solutions based on your tasks
Founder & CO-CEO
Founder & CEO
Alexander De Freitas Faria
Denis Romashov
Our team
Together, we provide clients with the best possible services and support available that create long-term added value for their business
Valentina Antonenko
Chief Operational Officer
Alexey Dedeshko
Chief Legal Officer
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