Bricks News


From 18th to 25th of May 2020 Brick hosted a series of meetings in Moscow with a delegation coming from Brazil.

Among them there were politicians, traders, businessmen and Procuratura members.

The main objective of the visit was to establish partnerships and cooperation between Russia and Brazil on governamental and business levels. Brick company represented by our founders Denis Romashov and Alexander Faria was responsible not only for their acceptance in Russia territory (due to Covid restrictions measures) but also for the schedule and meetings.

As part of our agenda we had:
  • 19th of May - Meeting with Mr. Vladimir Primak at RDIF - Subject: Sputnik V purchase for Brazil
  • 19th of May - Meeting with IVA technologies about solutions for Brazilian market
  • 20th of May - Meeting Sistema Investment Fund - Subject: Discussions about the settlement of a Sputinik V production plant in Brazil.
  • 20th of May - catch up Meeting with Mr. Andrey Kolokonikov, Managing partner at Sistema investment fund.

Brick is thankful for the trust on both, Russian and Brazilian sides, and we are sure we have a fruitful future ahead.